Privacy Policies

Storing Private Information

Our website gathers, saves and utilizes private and personal information obtained via our sign up forms in the way of names, last names, zip codes, phone numbers and other pertinent information related to our services. Our clients agree to the terms settled in this policy by signing up for our services.

Usage Of Private Information

All private information gathered by our website has the purpose of informing and updating our clients in the following manner:

  • Our website will supply periodic updates on the advancement of the site and improvements that may be made to the customer services section.
  • Our website will continuously send out reports of sales, new offers, product releases and anything that we consider of significance to our customers.
  • Our website will answer all doubts and questions that our clients may have in regards to our services and products offered.


  • We guarantee the safety and privacy of your private information. We won’t share, publish or transfer your information to anyone outside our company with the sole purpose of sending you ads and spam. 
  • We are in complete compliance with both State and Federal laws in regards to customer privacy and security.  

Policy Update

  • We reserve all rights and permission over this policy, this means that we can make any changes necessary to upgrade it whenever we feel it’s needed. Our customers should check this page often if they wish to stay updated.
  • We ask our customers to get in touch with us if they have any questions in regards to this privacy document.

This policy was created on April 4th, 2016.

Karim Dahmani
Karim Dahmani
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