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Email marketing is one of the actions to manage a company’s clients. It is a direct way of communication between followers and the brand, with the main objective of generating leads to potential customers,  keeping in touch with clients periodically, turn them into possible brand promoters, or to produce traffic into your website to catch new clients. Whatever the main objective is, it is quite necessary to have disposal of a tool or platform that facilitates the development and sending process of the message which we want to communicate.

To choose the platform that best suits you, it is very important to establish relevant metrics and the necessary requirements to implement the email marketing campaign. Before choosing a platform, we recommend to take into consideration the following:

  1. Interface usability

Generally email marketing platforms are easy to use, however, look for a platform that lets you  work and develop your campaigns without any restrictions. To achieve that, some providers offer templates to simplify this process by preventing users from having to create their own HTML and deal with the inconvenience of programming. This allows saving a lot of time and empowers them to focus more on their marketing content.

    2.Consistent reports

It is fundamental that the platform has a data collector and a report system capable of bringing you information about the results obtained during the campaign. To achieve this, many companies value a solid analytics program from a service provider, because after all, obtaining detailed data helps any business to realize about what kind of measures or improvements should be implemented in order to make their email marketing strategies more effective.

    3. Integration with other platforms

To add the functions of other applications/tools to your platform to maximize your marketing actions. Because this integration will help you to keep your list of customers updated, to avoid the most common problem: that hundreds of your clients may not receive your emails about the campaign, and then, you would miss a very valuable opportunity to obtain potential revenues and sales.

   4. Automation

It facilitates the task of sending key emails for the process of catching and holding customers, and schedules customized emails which are adjusted to your clients actions. Nevertheless, with the boom of new marketing automation tools, sometimes, it can be overwhelming to find out what software would help you to be more efficient and effective in executing your digital marketing strategy. For this reason, it is quite important to make the right decision about what software to acquire/use, so first you need to make clear and define your business goals. Taking this as a starting point to analyze your options to be considered, in order to obtain a clearer picture about how the technology can help you reach those goals.  

    5. System of scoring or classification of subscribers

The scoring and classifications systems allow grouping and organizing  your subscriptions list according with the engagement generated by your marketing actions. However, do not forget the cost factor for accommodating subscribers. Some marketing services, such as Constant Contact charges $ 150 for up to 25.000 subscribers, others like StreamSend charges $ 60 for up to 20.000. Therefore, companies should ensure that a provider can handle their subscribers for a reasonable price.    

     6. Easy to configure

When you are getting started in an email sending platform, you have to customize the functions that it offers you and bring information to the interface with the purpose of adapting the options to the company’s profile.

    7.  Amplitude of the subscriber list

With the pass of time, your subscribers are probably going to increase, so it is important to choose a platform which is going to grow with you. Therefore, you have to be sure that there is no limit in the number of subscribers that you can have.

      8. Flexible segmentation

Segmentation is the key for your campaign, so the platform should allow to make segmentations according with your strategy, with the purpose of creating a more adjusted email campaign for your key subscribers

        9. E-mail editor

An important tool that you should have available is an e-mail editor, because it allows to create or modify the elements of your emails by adapting them to a best suited version.

10. Template of responsive design

To guarantee e-mail campaigns’ opening and deliveries, it is indispensable that every piece and aspect that is going to be developed, will use a template of responsive design that adapts the content to each type of screen or mobile device used by the subscriber to visualize it. And of course, those templates must follow the parameters of Responsive Web Design (RWD).

Comparative table of email marketing platforms






Sendings Susbcribers (Max.) Reports

     and  Tracking

Automation Email Editor API Costs




Integrations Segmentation


Mailchimp Unlimited 20,050,000 YES YES YES YES From $10 to $ 80.900,00 YES YES YES
Graphicmail Unlimited 100,000 YES YES NO NO Contact Plans

from $5.00 to $35.00

Sending Plan

from $10.00 to $230.00

Madmini Unlimited 350,000 YES YES YES YES From $10.00 to $1049 YES YES YES
Constant Contact Unlimited 500 / 10,000 YES YES NO NO From $20.00 to $115.00 YES YES NO
Aweber Unlimited 25,000 YES YES YES YES From $19.00 to $149.00 YES YES YES
1shoppingcart Unlimited 10,000 NO YES NO NO From $34.00 to $ 109.00 YES YES YES
Getresponse Unlimited 10.000+ YES YES YES YES From $15.00 to $799 YES YES YES
Campaign Monitor Unlimited 50,000 YES YES YES YES From $9.00 to $149.00 YES YES YES
Drip Unlimited 12,500 + YES YES YES YES From $49.00 from $149.00

(allows adjusting of plans)

Smtp providers 1,000,000 Unlimited NO YES NO YES Costs depends on the type of emails chosen: Promotional or Transactional NO NO NO
AWS Amazon Unlimited Unlimited NO YES NO YES 0,10 for each 1.000 NO YES NO
Mailgun 5,000,000 Unlimited YES NO YES YES It depends on the volume of sendings NO NO NO
Mailjet 350,000 Unlimited YES NO YES YES From $7.00 to $199,95

(You can adjust the plan)

Interspire Unlimited Unlimited YES YES YES YES Cost per Users YES YES YES
Sendy 500,000 Unlimited YES YES YES YES Cost per email $0.0001 YES YES YES
Sendgrid 700,000 Unlimited YES YES YES YES Depends on email plan from $9.95 to $399.95 NO YES YES
Mandrill 1,000,000 Unlimited YES YES YES YES The price depends on the block chosen. Each block contains 25.000 emails YES YES YES
Critsend 50,000,000 Unlimited YES YES YES YES Prices per volume of emails from $0.50

to $0.28

Sendinblue 120,000 Unlimited YES YES YES YES From $7.37 to $66.00   YES YES YES
Pepipost Unlimited Unlimited YES YES NO YES $1 per each 5.000 e-mails NO YES YES
Elastic Email Unlimited Unlimited YES YES YES YES Prices according with volume of sending e-mails NO NO NO
Send Pulse Unlimited Unlimited YES YES YES YES From $29.00 to $812

    Price for 1 email

Smtp2go 100,000 Unlimited YES NO NO NO From $5.00 to $ 79.00+ High Volume Plans. NO NO NO
Jango Smtp 18000 Unlimited YES YES NO YES $36.00 NO YES NO
Activetrail Unlimited 20.000 YES YES YES NO From $13.00 to $110.00 YES YES YES
Tipimail 500,000 Unlimited YES YES YES YES From €39.00  

to €279.00

Postmarkapp 5,000,000 Unlimited YES YES YES YES Costs vary according with  volume of sending

between $0,25 and $1.00

Sparkpost 5,000,000 Unlimited YES NO YES YES Plans from $24.99 to $199.99 Offers customized plans. NO YES NO
Mailup 100,000+ Unlimited YES YES YES YES It offers the cost of service after customizing your plan YES YES YES
Socketlabs 25,000,000- Unlimited YES YES NO YES From $15.00 to $79.00

with the option of customizing the plan

Maildocker 1,000,000$ Unlimited YES YES     NO NO From $4.95 to $199.95 with the option of customizing the plan. NO NO NO
Authmailer 100,000+ Unlimited NO NO NO NO $0.83 per email sent NO NO NO
Turbo STMP 1,000,000 Unlimited YES NO YES YES Plans from $15.00  to  $790 with option to a SMTP dedicated NO NO NO
Leadersend 5,000,000 Unlimited YES NO NO YES From $10

to $500 the costs depends on volume of sending emails



Open source editors for e-mail

They are apps which permit to create or modify emails templates through a HTML format. There exist many available platforms in the market which make this possible, some of them are paid, some are integrated with email marketing platforms (for example, Mailchimp).

One of the advantages that offer these kind of editors, is that you can adapt the campaign to a customizable template, allowing a preview of the message. It is important that the pieces of your campaign count with the necessary adaptability with the purpose of increasing your open rate, and to facilitate your subscriber the visualisation of emails from any device.     

An email editor allows to design pieces adapted to your strategy. An appropriated design will add value to the company, moreover, mostly of email marketing platforms offer you a drag-and-drop editor for the creation of emails, where you can build your content in blocks. However, through a html editor you can modify and adapt the campaign by putting elements always following the rules of each email client.

 Responsive Email

Nowadays there are even more devices that are used to access the Internet, and it is necessary that each site we access, has a design capable of adapting to any screen. Responsive email is a technique that adapts the user environment according to the size of the screen and email provider by reshaping the elements to the width of each device, allowing  correct display. Responsive email helps to reduce the loading time and will incentive virality through simplifying the sharing process by making it faster and natural.   

To design a responsive email with the necessary adaptability in order to ensure that your subscribers would enjoy your content, follow these tips:   

  1.  Take in consideration the environment, screen size, and email client, in order to encode your email.
  2. Use Media Queries to detect the screen size, to make modifications on the content and establish conditions that must be respected by your html. Remember that some platforms do not support Media Queries.
  3. Analyze your subscribers’ email providers and test your emails. It is estimated that only 47% support popular Media Queries such as IOS (iPhone/iPad), Android 4.x Native client, Android app and Windows Phone 7.5.
  4. Use a platform that facilitates your job of building html for your email. Below, we are going to recommend some email editors.
  5. Reduce the use and size of images no more than 100 kb, with JPG and PNG format (no more than 600 px). Remember that you have only 4 seconds to catch user’s attention.
  6. Keep a balance between images and text, on the contrary, your email will go directly to the spam tray.    
  7. Keep your design in HTML.
  8. Do not use label style on your email’s header. The mail will end in a delivery failure.
  9. Use Inline Style which is accepted by many email clients.
  10. Use tables to diagram your email.
  11. Keep a simple and light design for a better visualization. The recommended size for your email is no more than 1 mb.
  12. Do not exceed 600 px of width.

Important Information: Media Queries do not work with all email clients. Right now, we are going to show you the platforms that support this technology:

Support of Media Queries on Emails


Amazon Kindle Fire YES
Amazon Kindle Fire HD YES
Android 2.1 Eclair YES
Android 2.2+ YES
Apple iPhone YES
Apple iPad YES
Apple iPod Touch YES
BlackBerry OS 5 NO
BlackBerry OS 6+ YES
BlackBerry Playbook YES
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 YES
Microsoft Windows Phone 7 YES
Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 YES
Microsoft Windows Phone 8 NO
Microsoft Surface NO
Palm Web OS 4.5 YES
Samsung Galaxy S3+ NO

Non native Email clients


Microsoft Outlook Exchange App NO
Yahoo! Mail mobile App NO
Gmail mobile App NO

Suggested tools

It is a free online drag and drop email editor that allows you to design easily stunning, attractive and high responsive emails without the need of use or have any knowledge about encoding HTML or CSS. Moreover, it helps you to improve your productivity in the process of creating an email design.  

It is one of the newest online drag and drop email editors available. However, even its drag and drop has  very limited options, it could be a viable option  for people that are going to start with the design and creation of emails, and to get familiar about the environment and functions to be used for building highly responsive emails.   

When you are going to compose a perfect subject line, to have a little help will never hurts. Through Mailchimp, you can enter a proposed subject line that best suits the email that you are composing. Thanks to its feature of “research subject lines”, a pop-up message will appear to tell you if you are on the right track and even make suggestions for other options.   

You can choose this tool to display emails from different clients (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc), so it helps to determine how your subscribers may be receiving your messages. Even some Email services like MailChimp and Constant Contact can offer you a free inbox inspection when you are going to create an account, Litmus will overcome them by showing how your email will look in 34 different inboxes, and you do not have to sign up to be able to see the results. By entering your HTML code and email address, then Litmus will do the tests and let you know when the results are completed.

It allows users to create templates for nearly any email client that you want to send, such as: newsletters, transactional email, and responsive email through its free Stamplia Builder account. Moreover, it has the option to easily edit any template or message element on its drag and drop editor. Finally, to avoid spending so much time and resources on developing, designing and coding email templates, Stamplia Builder users can:

  1. Customize 5 free email templates provided by Stamplia
  1. Upload their own HTML code templates
  2. Purchase additional email templates
  3. Link to their SendGrid account and export directly to the Template Engine

It is an email builder that works with all major email clients and devices. Its intuitive drag and drop image upload which automatic resizing to fit available space, allows you to achieve customization of every single element. Additionally, by its global redo/undo system, you are able to avoid wasting time by saves, reviews and confirmations. Finally, due to its open source nature, you can have a wide selection of custom templates, then you can build highly responsive emails the quick and easy way.

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