My name is Karim Dahmani, I’m the founder of Systrix, based in Costa Rica, and the mastermind behind the development and marketing of PerfQ, a revolutionary innovative time tracker software that’s more than just a clock! My work in Systrix has allowed me to garner some expertise in SEO, Marketing, Social Media and insights on many tools and Apps highly used in this industry. As a CEO I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the biggest and most influential names in the business and I took advantage of every opportunity to learn from them in order to enrich my business and my experience.

My background takes me from being an IT consultant from the likes of Goldman Sachs, Ericsson, Nokia and Fiat to being a published author on Amazon. I consider myself to be a master at outsourcing and Internet Marketing among other things, but I guess you will be the judge of my work. I’ve been in this business for close to 30 years and you’d think I’ve seen and done it all but there are still things that surprise me and I find myself learning something new every day, that’s not to say that in my 30 years I haven’t gotten some experience into what to do or not to do in order to succeed in this business.

I’ve worked with brilliant people, I worked with some of the leading “Gurus” in the industry along the way, people who have great insights into the business, each person taught me something and I’m now ready to start sharing what I’ve learned with the world, this is my contribution to the industry my way to giveback, no man is an island and as I’ve had help to get to where I am today, now I want to offer that help to others. I also want to avoid that you fall in the same traps that I have with some of these unethical and shrewd Internet Marketing “Gurus” that only care about filling their own pockets.

Not everything has been a success in my career in this business, I’ve known my share of failures and it has been these very failures that have taught me the biggest and most important lessons, lessons that I hope to share with you in an effort to help you avoid my mistakes and making your climb to success a little easier than it has been for me. While my learning curve is still twirling, I’m confident that my knowledge and experience give me a level of understanding that will be useful to you as my team and I share with you my thoughts, ideas, tips, and anything else that might come to mind.

My blog is dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and updated information about the most relevant apps, tools, people, sites, tips, etc., in the business with the purpose of keeping you informed and up to date on the latest technologies, news and techniques so that your business and marketing strategies could keep you one step ahead of your competitors. My primary goal is to empower you with knowledge, because if you know how something works or why it turns a certain way then you can be ready to turn with it or move out of the way. I’ll be posting tips, marketing strategies, product reviews and anything else that could be of use to you to further your business and increase your profits.

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I am a true believer of paying it forward and that is why my team and I will focus on providing you the best possible training at no cost whatsoever to you, if you feel like you want to support my team and I, then feel free to go through the product reviews that we have created just for you and if you do purchase some of those links have our affiliate links and we will get a commission.

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